Ghost Hunt Evolution

Billy Bones is terrified as now he not only sees ghosts but he also sees bats flying all around. Put on your MULTI-VISION-glasses and you can see them popping up everywhere. It is up to you to aim your laser gun as soon as they appear. More detail on the game

Alien Mission

Put on your goggles, activate your gun and let the games begin.. You sneak around when suddenly Aliens appear everywhere. Up to you to shoot them with your laser gun and to disable them as quick as possible. Who will achieve the best score and save the world? More detail on the game

Jeu de société Cham'Mouille, à partir de 4 ans

Are you smart enough to win a bottle? Take up the 3 challenges to win one of these drinks...

But beware if you lose...the camel will do his trick! More detail on the game

Name That

Put all the cards on a pile, read the category of the first card then quickly find a word that begins with the letter shown on the next card. The first player to call out the word wins the card! Thousands of combinations are possible… each game play is different! More detail on the game


Do you dare to come close to the basket to snatch the emerald and beat Cobra? More detail on the game


SPIDER-MAN is chasing the creepy Rhino villain. Become a superhero and join his battle! More detail on the game


Can you win and pick the boogers? Can you avoid the goo? In which piglet is the goo hidden?

Place your bet and place your “PIGGIN’BOOGERS” in front of the piglet of your choice. More detail on the game

Enchanted Ball

Will you be the prima ballerina?

Each player has to move around the board to reach the stairs to enter the ballroom and join the prince to dance. More detail on the game

Creepy Hand

Based on the famous game 'Truth or Dare', this game will surprise everyone!

A game full of excitement where children will love to be pointed at! More detail on the game


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